USP Packaging is a leader in the market. We are committed to the development of eco-friendly packaging while maintaining our quality standards. The demand for our products is always on the rise. Our company values our customers and the environment. The products we offer are made from recyclable materials and our packaging helps protect the environment at the same time.

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ET2C has a network of manufacturing facilities around Asia already using sustainable materials. In line with increasing global environmental awareness, a new Packaging company was seeking more sustainable alternatives to meet the growing needs of our customers. After much research it was decided that the best way to reduce landfill waste would be to make use of reusable packaging.

We now have been in business in USA since 1998. We have been making and packaging eco-friendly products to our customer’s satisfaction. Many of our clients are also quite pleased with us. So we have learned the importance of being environmentally conscious.

The demand for our products is always on the increase in the medical device industry. One of our latest customers is a manufacturer of surgical gloves and stethoscopes. They had previously purchased components from us but felt that we did not manufacture enough of them to fulfill their requirements. This lead us to researching and developing new products that would better suit their requirements. One particular product they wanted us to develop was a disposable puncture device which could be used for different types of medical procedures. Another medical device they require us to manufacture is a cannula used in the examination of the prostate.

Another company we work with is a hospital chain of clinics in the southwest part of the country. Their requirement includes packaging products for patient transportation. In order to help this hospital chain to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, we have developed a green product. We have received great reviews from other customers regarding the products we produce and the excellent packaging and customer service we provide. We continue to improve our packaging and offer packaging discounts and special offers to our customers.

The medical device manufacturer sent us a quote last week and it was very favourable. They found a way to save money while increasing production and getting a higher profit margin. Amcor has a long history of working closely with our company and improving our products. When we manufacture in the USA using only non-toxic materials, we reduce the amount of packaging needed by 50%. In addition to reducing the amount of packaging, Amcor ensures that all of our equipment meets stringent safety standards.

A few years ago, the company supplied to us blank invoice forms and printed labels for medical equipment. Since then, we have received numerous quotations from several other packaging companies. A total revenue analysis of the revenues generated by the various packages sent to us shows us that we generate approximately $300k in revenue each year. If we were able to send out one package to our overseas clients, we could potentially increase our annual production by almost ten percent. This would enable us to add a considerable number of new jobs in the U.S.

For more information regarding this company and how we can help your business, please visit our website. You will find valuable information on how you can increase your gross sales, reduce waste and improve profitability. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with our packaging solutions or would like to have something custom designed, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll provide you with our comprehensive package of services.