what are the popular packaging methods

Packaging in Stamford, NY is one of the key elements of a product, designed to keep its contents secure during transport from manufacturer to customer. Packaging also serves as an effective advertising medium, giving manufacturers the chance to promote and describe their goods while potentially prolonging shelf life.

With this in mind, selecting the proper packaging materials for your products is of utmost importance. Failing to do so could result in damaged goods that incur costs to both time, money and customers – potentially ruining business operations altogether.

The three most prevalent materials for packaging today are cardboard, paper and plastic. Cardboard cartons – commonly known as primary packaging – are an enduring presence in stores and homes alike and offer businesses looking to stand out a great option. Corrugated cardboard offers exceptional structural integrity while being extremely versatile as a shipping material; its printability also enables branding or informational displays clearly while being recyclable or reusability is an added plus for eco-conscious companies.

Paper is an affordable material ideal for protecting fragile goods while making labels and boxes. Additionally, it can also be used as secondary packaging such as poly bags and tissue paper; poly bags provide moisture protection without adding too much weight to shipping costs; while tissue paper cushions may make for an elegant alternative to foam peanuts or bubble rolls.

Plastic packaging materials may be relatively new to the scene, yet it has quickly become one of the most sought-after solutions for both businesses and consumers. Available in an array of colors and styles, plastic can easily be tailored to meet the requirements of both products or companies, plus they’re recyclable – an attractive feature for those concerned with eco-friendliness.

Glass is another versatile material, frequently found in applications ranging from beverages and cosmetics production, to retail use as it’s easy to etch and label. Glass comes in various colors and shapes that can add visual interest to products; its durable yet cost-effective construction also make it popular choice among beverage and cosmetic companies alike.

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Other types of packaging include tin cans used for food and beverage products as well as aerosol sprays like insect repellants and lubricants; often laminated on the inside with plastic sheets to protect it against acid. Collapsible metal tubes commonly referred to as flexible packaging first came into use in 1841 for artist’s paints; by 1900s these had become ubiquitously used toothpaste packaging. Today however they have mostly been replaced by plastic-based alternatives.