Your packaging finishing choice depends on the aesthetic you want to achieve; options include foiling, embossing and spot UV coating.

Gloss laminate gives your box an eye-catching sheen that gleams brightly when lit from within, reflecting light beautifully while also strengthening paperboard structures.


No matter if your brand in Fayetteville, NY aims for an eco-friendly or eye-catching appearance, matte lamination provides you with exactly the look and feel that will help create the desired impression. Plus, it protects products against scratches or scuffs which could detract from its design or color palette.

Matte lamination creates a luxurious aesthetic and can help distinguish your product from its competition in stores. The subtle texture creates an aura of sophistication while making text and barcodes easier to read without creating glare.

Plastic printing may not be ideal for designs featuring striking contrast; its lack of transparency may make colors appear flat and uninviting. Furthermore, its susceptibility to fingerprints, smudges and abrasions makes this substrate susceptible. Nonetheless, plastic is ideal for materials which will be handled frequently while needing high levels of protection such as book covers, business cards and product packaging.


Glossy label finishes are ideal for drawing the eye with vibrant colors and crisp image contrast, giving your designs a chance to stand out against their surroundings. No matter if your product packaging will be displayed in retail stores or delivered straight to a customer’s mailbox, the type of finish chosen communicates as much about your brand’s image or aesthetic as any color scheme or graphics may do.

Gloss finishes are frequently preferred for labels containing holographic materials that would otherwise appear dulled by matte finishes. Furthermore, gloss finishes add dimension to foil stamping and embossing projects.

Gloss laminates reflect much more light, making your printed piece stand out against its surroundings. Gloss lamination is particularly recommended if your customers will be handling the packaging often; fingerprints and smudges won’t show as easily against its smooth surface, while scratch and scuff protection is added by this durable barrier. You can even add spot gloss on areas of matt backgrounds for additional contrast!

Spot UV

Spot UV finishing allows you to emphasize certain parts of your printing by giving specific areas a glossy sheen, creating the effect of “popping out.” It works especially well when used on dark substrates and can even be combined with embossing for maximum impact.

Spot UV printing is similar to screen print but with digital instead of mechanical setup. This method is much quicker and allows for a more precise finish compared with its counterpart; ideal for larger paper stock products and even silk products such as business cards.

Spot UV printing is ideal for emphasizing specific designs or elements on printed packaging or promotional material, including those made up of multiple colors such as CMYK or PMS hues. To prepare artwork for spot UV, a mask file is used which allows you to specify which areas should be coated using black as a way of specifying where coating should occur and white showing where finish shouldn’t.


Uncoated paper does not feature an additional coating, creating a natural and less glossy feel than its coated counterparts. Uncoated stocks also tend to be thicker at heavier weights and perform well when printing using pressure techniques such as embossing/debossing, letterpress and foil stamping.

Due to its porous surface, porous paper absorbs more ink and dries quickly to the touch; however, this may result in rub resistance issues in areas with heavy ink coverage.

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Uncoated papers offer designs that communicate trust, authenticity and responsibility perfectly. Their tactile surfaces create an ideal background for textile-inspired imagery such as textile prints. Furthermore, the inherent warmth and tactility make uncoated papers suitable for identity systems, publications and direct mail – Cleveland Institute of Art chose Cougar smooth 80 lb text and 100 lb cover paper from Cougar to use for its Creativity Matters campaign – an example of how an uncoated stock can be utilized without compromising image quality or fidelity during an expensive print project!